Website Maintenance and Management

I offer website maintenance and management programs that are professional, inexpensive and take care of all your web support needs. If you need regular updates to your website text or images, and you wish to ensure that your website is working flawlessly, then you need me

Even if I did not design and build your website, I can manage, improve and maintain your website or websites efficiently and cost effectively.

Website management offers you “the client” peace of mind when it comes to updating and managing your website. By offering web site management I add value to your business as well as your customers by providing them with up to date content that is user friendly on your website.

Website management covers anything from updating your content to replacing your products or services’ photos or diagrams. Clients have praised me time and time again for taking out web management from their worries. In order to stand out and remain distinguished from the competition you need to continually rank better, and have a modern website that retains and converts your customers. I help you do that.

  • Website/Blog setup
  • WordPress Updates
  • Change background image
  • Change text and border colors
  • Add/change banner images
  • Custom graphics for banner and background
  • Add WordPress plugins
  • Install/customize WordPress
  • Theme suggestions
  • Install/customize themes
  • Convert PSD to HTML/WordPress
  • Etc.

Website Consultation

Talk to me about your needs, I will provide the best solution.

Website Design & Development

  • Website Design
  • Email Template
  • Blog Design
  • Micro Websites
  • Static Websites
  • Dynamic Websites
  • WordPress Themes
  • SEO
  • etc.